Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finished my Blocks!

The Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks are pieced, appliqued and ready to trim. Yes, I did not trim as I went, or sash, so that is next on the list of steps to get this to a completed top. Do you think of what you were doing (or in my case watching) when you do something? For me, when I look at Tumbling Blocks, I will remember Atonement, the movie I was watching when I pieced and appliqued this block.

K-10 tumbling blocks - used template made from Jennifer's pattern, hand pieced and hand appliqued. I even changed the thread colors.

K-4 glorified nine patch - made the nine patch with EQ6 patterns (basically a five patch), then used a freezer paper method to prep the curves, then hand appliqued them to the nine patch.

N-5 whirlpool - Marti Michell templates, machine piecedJ-7 pinwheel - a combination of Marti Michell template and EQ6 template, not crazy about this block, but it will do.

N-10 Friendship Diamond - the last block I did!
144 blocks to be set 12 x 12, 3882 pieces so far. I started with F-10 Aunt Sukey's Choice on 4/13/2008, trying to just do a block a week. I sped up after a while .


Crispy said...

Congradulations Connie!! I learned to always sash as I go after waiting until the end on my Dear Jane LOL.


ConnieB/CA said...

you would have thought I would learn to do that, but, oh well. They fit in the sheet protectors easier without sashing (smile).