Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flower Fairy quilt done!

Friday I basted, Saturday I quilted, and very late Saturday or early Sunday I bound the Flower Fairy baby quilt. Just in time, the baby will be with us on Tuesday, and I will drop it off later this week. The fabric is primarily from the Flower Fairies 1 line by Rose and Hubble that I got a while back. Layout was inspired by "One of a Kind quilts".

The bag has three pockets, but was based on the instuctions I found at I used a Target bag as the original pattern, lengthened it a bit though. It will be used to deliver the quilt and can be used as a storage bag or quick diaper bag (especially as their daughter gets older and doesn't need so much), or just a shopping bag.


Elly D said...

The baby quilt is very sweet Connie, well done with the 'one of the kind' design (I have the book but haven't yet got to try it out) Thank you for sharing your pictures. Elly

Crispy said...

A very sweet quilt Connie and the bag is a great idea!!


Julie said...

Connie, this is such a clever idea - giving the bag as the gift bag! I think you should send this suggestion in to some magazines and get paid for the great idea. I usually give a pillowcase as the gift bag for storage, but I like your idea better.