Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sashing SBS and Beet Pancakes

The horizontal rows of sashing take a bit of doing, and I am still doing them. Lots of pins in each seam, and then slow stitching, but it is getting done. I did two seams last night and have two pinned to sew tonight, then just two more and it will be a center. I'll need to get the iron out then, to press the seams and the border fabrics.

My CSA box has been giving me lots of beets, and since they hold up pretty well they haven't been the first thing I have used each week. Last night I thought I better use some before I got more on Thursday. Cooking them for 45 minutes before I could use them wasn't in the cards, so I started looking online for a "quick" recipe and found "Beet Pancakes and Frittatas with Bittman" ( ) which turned out pretty good, a bunch of beets (a literal bunch, connected with a rubber band) got turned into two pancakes. I think I used more flour than called for, and used dried rosemary crushed with my morter and pestle, fresh would be better. I will definately try these again!

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