Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tuesday Round-up - 10 July 2018

I have been working away on Patchwork Barn - below are the month 4 blocks where I just used the suggested fabric to speed things along.

For month 5 I did a bit more individual blocks, some stash and some from the Patchwork Barn fabrics, did one as suggested, then modified the others. I have month 6 cut out, and working on cutting out month 7.
Since I have been working on Moon Garden, I have been in the mood for wool applique. Once month 3 was done I pulled out a kit (Twisted Thistles) I got from Granny's Legacy at some show (I think Stitches West), and got this done in about 10 days. It is only about 12" in diameter, but those star stitches around the border took a while!. I have two more kits, both poppies, that I will work on as desired. Currently they are being prepped.

Then I finally finished my Star Spangled Quilt! This top has been hanging around for years. I used stash fabric and enlarged a Judy Martin block to create this wall hanging. Free motion quilting, no marking, and a machine binding got it done in a day.

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