Sunday, May 24, 2009


We have one cherry tree in our back yard. We planted two, but only one made it. Anyway, our cherries are rather hit and miss. This year was a hit. We've been picking, and have more to go, but so far have quite a few.
I worked on getting some in the freezer, more will get there tomorrow (Sunday). They make a pretty good cherry pie, so I freeze enough in a freezer bag (stemmed and pitted) for a pie.


Crispy said...

Yummmmm cherries, my favorite fruit!!


Kathy Walker said...

the cherries look yummy, don't forget to make some cherry jam with a few, I think many trees alternate years of plenty, I know that hickory nut trees do.

bluebonnet523 said...

I'm envious -- your very own cherries!