Monday, May 11, 2009

Panama Canal Cruise - Part 2

20 April 2009 - We arrived at Half Moon Cay (pronounced key) at 8:12am, but as not a fan of sun and sand, I opted to stay on-board and have a hot stone massage, it was fabulous! Micky Finn and his wife Kathy (former Miss USA contestant) a fabulous Hall of Fame Banjo player were the evening entertainment.
21 April 2009 - sea day. Tried to see the exploration speaker series about Aruba and Santa Marta, but the Crow's Nest was jam packed and couldn't see a thing. Fortunately, they moved the remaining talks to the Vista Lounge (where the evening entertainment is held). The Panama Canal talk was held there to begin with, and very interesting it was. I still have to finish the book about it, but it helped a lot.
22 April 2009 - Aruba
We docked at 9:40am and it was a warm day (84 deg F), so we wanted to get an early start. Vibrant place! Colors everywhere, especially the tour buses! DH took a bus tour, I went back to the ship after doing a bit of shopping, although all I bought was a thimble and some water and some aloe for sunburn (aloe grows there everywhere).

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