Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SBS Blocks

More SBS blocks got done, I finished off the M row, then the D row. Now I have all the blocks done in rows A through F, and M, plus a few more (116 done now!) Only 24 of the original 140 left to go, plus four more for my setting.

M-10 Key West Beauty - paper pieced
M-8 Dogwood Violet - paper pieced

D-1 Hands All Around - hand pieced


Crispy said...

Those are wonderful blocks Connie, your paper piecing skills are so impressive (as well has hand piecing). Are you designing the 4 extra blocks or have the patterns picked out for them?


ConnieB/CA said...

Thanks. I am using some blocks referenced in The Master Quilter but not used in the quilt as my extra blocks. Not sure about all of them yet but Castle Wall and Star of Bethleham are pretty "for sure". Carpenter's Wheel is another definite possibility, or something similar. Then I might do another applique. As I said, not totally committed four yet.