Monday, May 25, 2009

Socks - the perfect project for a cruise

Lorna's Laces - first pair I finished on board

I started this pair of socks before we left, from Socks that Rock heavyweight yarn.

Opal Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince yarn - Harry Potter color, great with jeans!
I got three pairs of socks knit on the cruise, not bad. We had quite a few sea days, especially at the end when we skipped Mexico due to the swine flu scare. Need to work on knitting tighter.


Crispy said...

Great socks Connie. I haven't commented on your trip but have been reading along. It sounds like you were having a wonderful vacation.


Marjorie said...

Hey Connie! I didn't know you were knitting socks! Join the club... I have enough now that I can keep my footies nice and warm all winter. All snuggly wool. Always a sock in my purse-- looks like you've got it too :) Hugs!

ConnieB/CA said...

Hey yourself Marjorie! I just started knitting socks, always remember how you extolled the virtue of hand knitted socks, and finally tried it. I found I liked it. Socks are very portable, I have one with me pretty much all the time now too. Hugs back!