Saturday, May 30, 2009

Laurel Wreath, SBS BOW

I-6 Laurel Wreath was the block of the week. I started this block on Monday, had it all cut out and it took me this long to get it together . Hand pieced. I also did a Star of the Orient, but forgot to take a picture of it and gave it away. I love Star of the Orient! And easy to sew together too. I use Marti Michell templates for everything except the center and things just match. Love it.


Crispy said...

Lovely block Connie, wish you took a picture of the Star of the Orient, I don't know that block and couldn't find it in EQ or Barbara Brackman's book. I really "need" to buy that Elm Creek book LOL.


ConnieB/CA said...

Star of the Orient is A-8. My quilts version is on my webshot. Link is on the side of the blog.
Wish I had taken a picture too!