Saturday, November 21, 2009


Bowtie is a block that can be cut with Marti Michell templates, but needs to have some of the pieces cropped. For a 6" block, use A-1 to cut two background and two bowtie pieces. If you want to use y-seam construction, cut one knot fabric with A-3, or if you want to piece the knot, no Y-seams, cut four knot fabrics with A-6.
Here is one A-1 piece before it is cropped

Use A-6 to crop A-1, it is easier to get the edges lined up if you use another template pushed against the fabric, then gently nudge A-6 against the template, lining up one edge (the far away edge that is harder to see).

Trim the extra triangle away.

You can see that it is smaller than the trimming piece, because of the seam allowance that you want to leave on the cropped A-1.

Since I am using Y-seams, I mark the seam allowance so I know where to stop stitching.

Here is the block before stitching. I noted that the stripes didn't line up nicely, so I cut another piece. I debated about using the same fabric for the knot, but decided not to after all.

Finished bowtie block with Y-seam construction.

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Crispy said...

Great tutorial Connie, I have often wondered how a machine piecer handles Y seams.