Sunday, November 15, 2009

Farmer's Wife Sampler - BOW up-to-date

I was one BOW behind, Puss in the corner, but no more :) I decided to get caught up before doing this weeks, but ended up doing BOW #3 along with BOW #9. They both used just about the same Marti Michell templates, so I cut them both out and pieced them at the same time.
Puss in the Corner BOW #3

Evening Star - BOW #9

Then I went on to Peaceful Hours, which does not have many Marti Michell templates. I printed the templates from EQ6, and trimmed the corners with MMs similar template. First time I have ever made this block, actually not too bad to make.
Peaceful Hours BOW #8

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Crispy said...

Great blocks Connie, love the fabrics you are using in this one.