Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fabric Choices

I have quite an extensive fabric stash (quite an understatement, really, since I have been collecting it for over 20 years, the quilting fabric that is, and some is older). Anyway, sometimes I go on a tangent and get types of fabric. 1800s, 1930s, Christmas, patriotic, blues (always!), Asian, and then one day when I was at a quilt show I saw taupes. I saw taupe quilts and taupe kits and taupe fabrics. I got some fat quarters. At another show I got another bundle. I started putting them in their own plastic container. I got more, along with some that are not strictly speaking taupe. When I decided to make the Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt, that plastic container was my pallete. I have added a few fat quarters, and won't use some, but that is what is guiding the fabric choices for this quilt.

When I made Sylvia's Bridal Sampler, I took the book into a store, found Dorothea's collection and decided that would be the basis of my choices for that quilt. Quite a few of the fabrics are from that line, but I went further afield in the store and collected others, and then I added from stash, including what became the background fabrics. The border fabric was my inspiration, and it actually made it as the border (doesn't always happen). At the time I thought I would be picking my own blocks, Jennifer hadn't started putting blocks on the web yet. It made it a lot easier when she did that, and published the SBS book!

Every quilt I make, the fabric choice is unique, from what is picked to how I pick it.


Crispy said...

What no picture of your stash???? ROFL My stash is very tiny compared to many :0)


ConnieB/CA said...

I can't take a picture of my stash, a lot of it is hiding (in the closet, totes behind the sewing cabinet extensions, armoire, totes next to armoire, totes in corner, buffet/cutting area, under bed totes, you get the picture

Suze said...

Amazing how everything worked out. My stash is growing and all I have is a little corner of our living room. sigh.

crickets said...

Hi Connie - may I ask what fabrics are you using for your FWS blocks? They are wonderful!


ConnieB/CA said...

I am using a wide variety in my FWS, Westex, Daiwabo, Matsuda, and others, picked up over several years at various quilt shows. Some have no labels (selvage with information), so I have no clue what they are.