Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Farmer's Wife Sampler - forging ahead

18 Century of Progress - drawn in EQ6 to remove some seams, hand pieced

23 Country Farm - Marti Michell templates B12, B13 and B14

24 Country Path - Marti Michell templates plus 1.5" diagonal square template

25 Cups and Saucers - MM templatesB12, B13, B14 and D29

27 Darting Birds - N79, B13 and D29 (aka N80)

28 Duck and Ducklings - paper pieced

29 Economy - MM templates A1, A2 and A4 (would also be very easy to paper piece)

30 End of Day - MM templates - C19 trimmed with A6, and A6

32 Farmer's Daughter - Paper pieced

88 Star of Hope - paper pieced

43 done of 113 blocks


Carolyn said...

As usual I love your blocks!
I am facinated at your fabric stash
Most of them are fabrics that I would not choose but in your blocks I love them!
guess I limit myself too much when I purchase my fabrics....sigh
Looking forward to seeing these blocks together in the quilt
good job

Crispy said...

Great blocks Connie. I'm with Carolyn, I'm very intrigued with your fabric choices.


ConnieB/CA said...

I think the variety of fabrics that each of use choose lets our quilts be expressions of who we are (unless someone else picked the fabric, of course). When I first got these fabrics, I had no clue what I would use them for, but they finally found a purpose, and I am glad.

Patty S. said...

I just received my book and had thought about using the Lecien fabrics as well. Yours are stunning and your piecing is perfect. Great blog!