Sunday, January 17, 2010


Lately it seems knitting rather than quilting/piecing has consumed my life. I got some fabulous yarn the other day, Arucania (70% merino wool, 20% alpaca, and 10% silk), handpainted in shades of brown. This got turned into a scarf and pull-on hat in record time. Part of that, I am sure, has to do with the fact that a friend lent me the Battlestar Galactica series on DVD and I have been glued to the TV, rather than my sewing machine. Watching a whole series at once has some advantages. Like not having to wait a week or months for the next episode! I used a pattern for the scarf, then having a bunch of yarn left decided to make a pull-on hat, kind of made that one up as I went along, after looking at several hat patterns. I have a bit more yarn left, maybe some fingerless mitts?

Then I have also been continuing with socks. I have another pair on the needles right now (a very dark blue with flecks of lighter blue and teal, alpaca and wool) that is giving me fits because I cannot see the stitches very well, too dark and too small. So I managed to make a mistake about four rows back and will be undoing that shortly (in my chair with the bright light and magnifying glass!) Shown is the pair I recently finished, Opal yarn, Harry Potter - Ron coloring. Fun to wear . And I got the self-striping yarn to match up pretty good too!

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