Monday, June 23, 2008

Enough Paris Cats projects!

I really liked the Paris Cats fabric when I got it, and I got some more, and I got some more. One large Yellow Brick Road quilt, a baby Yellow Brick Road (made from leftover blocks and bits), two pillowcases and a baby LoneStar sewing machine cover later, I am tired of working with this fabric. Back in April I finished the quilts, and pieced the baby Lonestar to have as a sample. I didn't really have enough to do borders, and didn't have a recipient. I started using it to cover my sewing machine so it wouldn't get dusty and finally decided that was its intended lot in the world. So I took more leftovers and pieced a back, stitched them together, turned them so right sides were out and stitched around the edge and in the ditch of the star. Now the edges won't fray and I have a snazzy sewing machine cover.

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