Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mystery Quilt

Ta Da! This was a mystery quilt that was developed by Constatine Quilts, aka Cube Lattice. The leftovers from the High Country Garden worked pretty good. I had lots of leftovers. The white with black square dots was new, but the rest, well, I tend to overbuy a bit . I still have to add the borders but I couldn't wait any longer to share. The original was 12 blocks but I expanded it to 20 so it will fit a twin size bed nicely. Right now it is 60" x 75", but will end up about 75" x 90". I've been listening to "The Quilter's Apprentice" while stitching.

Took a break this morning and went to our local Farmer’s Market and got a lot of nice looking vegetables. I do hope I can get into the Farmer’s Share plan next year. I liked it a lot when I got the veggie share. Meanwhile I will use the Farmer’s Market more often. Got a nice walk in the bargain (it is about a mile away). Trying to use the car less. I made brunch after we got back, French Toast with Marion berries. We had asperagus and new potatoes and Monterey Rock Sole for dinner. It was yummy.

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Lynn said...

Connie, this is beautiful! I love the black for the deep dark, it makes it look more 3d. Mine look more like stars. I'll have to post it someday, but after seeing your quilt I want to make more squares to make mine bigger too!