Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SBS BOW C-1 Contrary Husband done

While I am debating on what border to put onto the Cube Lattice, I got back to making the SBS BOW in a timely manner, and even got a prior BOW done as well. Contrary Husband is like a pinwheel, while B-6 Crow's Feet is similar to Bear's Paw. Maybe I'll get a few more old one's done this week, or not. It is a busy week coming up. And Friday and Saturday will be Shop Hop by the Bay days.

Got home late today, not for lack of trying, but lack of commen sense on my DD's part. She called DH for a ride home, then told him she was about 10 miles from where she was. I was meeting DH, then we would pick her up. We ended going around in a big circle (I was originally about 2miles from where she was, looped around about 6 to DH, then down about 5, over about 3, then back up to her before coming home. Yikes. Not happy with her.

I only pieced C-1 tonight, did B-6 last night along with cutting out C-1.

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