Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SBS 100th Block - M-7 New Mexico

I was so close to that wonderful milestone - 100 blocks done, that I just had to make one more. I have been working on the 3rd column or the Mth row, and went with M-7 New Mexico. It is one of those blocks that is pretty picky, 78 pieces in 6", and the 25 patch in 6" doesn't help. This would be a great, easy, block in 15", but noooo. Anyway. I used EQ6 to draft some paper piecing patterns for strip piecing those center squares, and also the templates. I nipped off the corners of the triangles using Marti Michell's triangle trimmer (really just a triangle that I had used to make Clay's Choice) so the squares lined up nicely. One other thing, I pressed the HSTs open and the long seams open. Other seams are pressed to a side so the seams nest nicely when piecing them together. This one took a while. Not sure how long because I was watching Dancing with the Stars results show (the Woz and Holly went home), and knitting in between stints at the cutting and sewing.

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Crispy said...

Hooray for reaching this milestone Connie. The block came out beautifully. I just love the fabrics you are using.