Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have been stippling for hours now, gone through three bobbins and a fourth is loaded in the sewing machine. For reference, I am using the BSR on my Bernina 630, set at a 1.7 stitch length. This is slightly shorter than the default 2.0, and gives a much smoother curve to the tight stippling I am doing. The feathers are done with the 2.0 length, it works for them. I am now on the last side of the inner section of stippling, which includes echoing the triangle feathers. It is having the desired effect, I am loving the look. And I will also love being done stippling! I just might do a few blocks when I am done with this section, then go back and stipple the outer edges. Then the big question, to scallop or not to scallop the edge. The scallops would echo the line of the feathered cable, but the issue, as it was before, is the corners. They are not the same. So I will have to lay it out and look at it before making the decision (and I know I would love the scalloped edge, it is just getting it to work!).

No Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler blocks are being done right now, all of my sewing time is spent quilting in an attempt to get this done for the show, to my satisfaction. Then I have to get the binding done on my Cube Lattice. It is back from the quilters, which was quick. I didn’t expect if for another week.

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