Thursday, January 29, 2009

Catching Up

I seem to be pulled this way and that lately. Too many things I would like to be working on, Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler, Dear Jane, two new quilts (both designed by Sue Garmon, one pieced, one appliqué), Patchwork Party using the Prairie Paisley line, knitting, reading, cooking. And of course, a big chunk of my day is actually working my day job. Retirement is a way off. So what have I actually been doing? Working on SBS blocks, got the January challenge done (list of 14, 4 done previously, so I did the other 10) and all of the Blocks of the Week, so far this year, another 3, so that is lucky 13 done this month. No new challenges for a few days on that quilt, so I need to get back to Dear Jane marking (yuck!). Will I do that tonight or read and knit, only time will tell. Hopefully all three.

54-40 or Fight – last of the January challenge blocks

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Lynn said...

Wow Connie! That is a lot of projects. What are these two new Sue Garman quilts? I really like her stuff!