Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day out in San Francisco

Today DH and I went to San Francisco to see the DaVinci drawings at the California Palace of the legion of Honor - that name is just too long! They were sketches that he did in preparation for other things, paintings, sculptures, and inventions. They had one of his notebooks showing his backwards writing, which actually made sense since he is left handed, easier to write right to left than left to right so the ink doesn't smear.

We also went through the rest of the museum, it had been a while since we had been there. Another special exhibit was "The State Museums of Berlin and the Legacy of James Simon" James Simon donated around a 1000 items to the National Museums of Berlin, including the famous bust of Nefertiti, funded archeology digs, and was a Jewish philanthopist, one third of his income was donated to the public, funding the first woman's hospital in Berlin, among other things. The exhibit included Egyptian, Babylonian, and European areas, which were all fascinating. is a link to this exhibit.

We also went to a yarn shop in San Francisco, Noe Knits, fueling my new passion in knitting, and my Harry Potter interest. They had a custom dyed sock yarn by Lorna's Laces called Parry Hotter, using the Gryfindor colors of gold and red. I got enough for two pairs of socks, one for me, one for my DD.
Then we got lunch at a delicious Peruvian restaurant down the street. Fun day!

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