Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is it a back? or a quilt top?

Last Spring I finally finished the top to my High Country Garden quilt. I used the leftovers to make the mystery quilt that needed lights, mediums and darks. That turned into the Cube Lattice quilt top. I still had lots of leftovers, plus the bits I had bought for borders (changed my mind for both quilts), the extra fabric I bought for sashing and didn't use except for a narrow border, and the extra squares I had cut for the mystery, oh, and also a few spool blocks that I had planned on using for a border for the High Country Garden. So, I decided to piece a back for the Cube Lattice top using the leftovers. (The High Country Garden quilt is already done, using a single fabric back.) I started off with the extra square, figuring that some nine patches could be interspersed with some of the white with black squares fabric. Got one done, decided I didn't want to do that, changed it to a 25 patch, and it became the center of my back. I looked at the spool blocks already done, and the fact that I had several more all cut out and decided it was time for EQ to help. After playing around a bit I ended up with the center surrounded by a thin black strip to make the spool blocks fit, surrounded by another thin black strip to make the extra squares fit, surrounded that with the white with black squares fabric (originally cut 15" for sashing, cut in half and then used that) and surrounded it with 6" of brick border, twice on the top and bottom to turn it into a rectangle, finally surrounded by the black fabric that was the original Cube Lattice border fabric. Ta Dah! A back.

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