Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Essential knitting accessory case

Beth got me the Yarn Harlot “never not knitting” 365 days of wit and wisdom for Christmas. Today’s bit talks about an essential knitting accessory case that contains stitch markers, a darning needle, little scissors, Post-it notes for marking your place in a chart, a pen and paper for taking notes, some waste yarn, a row counter, and a measuring tape.
I was thinking of using more of the leftover bits from the cube lattice/high country garden quilt for a knitting needle case (or two, this morning I was organizing my needles a bit…). After reading this, I realized that the little zippered case I made with some of the same scraps would be perfect for the “essential knitting accessory case.” I am thinking of using some of the leftover bits to practice making Half Square Triangles using a new method. I can use the resulting squares to make the outside of the knitting needle case pieced rather than a plain piece of fabric. Perhaps I can even make a knitting bag (using my shopping bag pattern) using the same fabric. Tonight's project (if I am not too tired).
At least I got the Christmas decorations packed away last night.

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