Saturday, January 17, 2009

Needle Holder and accessory bag

I've been knitting. And buying yarn. Buying yarn for socks that I am afraid to start in case I make them the wrong size. So I signed up for a sock class and this week I went back to the store to get supplies, yarn for socks, and needles, lots of double pointed needles. The teacher wants us to bring needles for the guage on the yarn, along with one set bigger and one set smaller. I have used DPN on occasion, and circular needles, and I much prefer circular needles. So while there I discovered 9" circular needles that can be used to make socks. So I bought some of those too. I've been thinking about a needle holder for a while, in fact I have even blogged about making one (still to be made, actually). But today I made a needle holder for all of those tiny needles. I still need one for the larger ones. And I made another accessory bag to go with it. All from leftovers from Katie's quilt! The size was determined from the leftovers, I had made 12 1/2" strips from 2 or 3 fabrics for the blocks, and had the bits left after the cutting the blocks (12.5" by various widths) that got combined for the outer fabric. I had one large piece (2 fabrics stripped together) that became the lining, and various other bits that became the pockets. I use the lovely crane fabric for the accessory bag and the binding and ties of the needle case. I had a long piece about 6" wide of the cranes. And I used batting that had been trimmed from a quilt after it was quilted. The only thing that wasn't a scrap was the 7" zipper for the accessory case, and that I had. The case fits nicely into the upper right pocket.

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ley said...

aha,, this is what i'm looking for. looks like we have a common interest..