Friday, May 23, 2008

Empty Spools 2009

Today the Empty spools 2009 catalog came. Lots of great teachers will be there next year, but I am going to register for the class with Suzanne Marshall. I hope I get in. Won't know for a few weeks. I have admired her work for years, and she has an applique method different from any I have tried. Since she lives in Missouri, I don't get the chance to take classes from her very often (I think this is the first time she has been close), so here's hoping. It won't be until Aug/Sept 2009, so I should have a chance to finish a few things first. I'll be going with two friends, this is something to look forward to.

Meanwhile I have been quilting on my Basic and Beyond quilt. Several more threads in the border. Basic and Beyond was from my second quilting class, we learned to draft more blocks and how to piece them, all by hand. It ranges from basic nine patches to a Mariner's compass in the center (the beyond), with various levels of difficulty in between. We used "Quilts, Quilts,
Quilts" by McClun and Nownes as our textbook, but I threw in a Mathieson Mariner's Compass. I started this when I was in my "dark phase", my quilts were made with dark colors. A friend remarked on this, and I agreed, and started working with some lighter colors, but this quilt didn't get them. But I did learn a lot while piecing this quilt. Then I had my last baby (a week after the classes finished) and other things had a higher priority . I got back to it several years later, and discovered a hole in the sashing when the basting was almost done. I ended up replacing sashing, batting and backing and rebasting. Then I started hand quilting it, off and on over the years. I am down to the border, and hoping I have enough quilting thread to finish it. There is no way I will find the same color after all these years (it is a dusky blue). I have some that is close, so will use that if I have to, so all is not lost.

Still haven't found a good place to sit when doing hand work, which is why so much has been done at the machine lately. Maybe this weekend I can do some shopping...

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