Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SBS - F-4 Old Maid's Puzzle

I am still calibrating my placement on the Bernina 630, I thought it was a little different from the 200e, but not so you'd notice. When I thought it was different I adjusted my placement. Bad idea, F-4 ended up way too big. So I did a measuring set of strips (three two inch strips sewn together) and discovered where I ought to sew and redid the block. Now it is 6 1/2" within a thread all the way around. That's the way it ought to be . 14 down of 140, a tenth of the way there.
BTW, a big congratulations to Kristi Yamaguchi, the winner of Dancing with the Stars!
While I was watching DWTS last night I pulled out my oldest UFO to hand quilt (working on the border). I realized as I was stitching why I don't do this as much as I should. It is not comfortable in that chair, and I got rid of the chair I used to hand quilt in. In retrospect, not such a good idea. Now I need to find another chair that works for hand work.

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