Saturday, May 3, 2008

Quilting the Shoo-Fly Quilt

I started quilting the border of the Shoo-Fly quilt on Thursday and got the free motion feathers done (yeah!). Also did a zig zag around the quilt so I can trim it a bit more now, after the cutting table is cleared off.
I found an article in Fon's and Porter's Love of Quilting about quilting blocks and the sample block was a Shoo-Fly, talk about serendipitous. I am slowly getting better (more even) as I quilt the blocks, but it is a slow process. I have 72 blocks in the quilt, and about 12 done, so 1/6 of the way. So not too bad considering I went out to dinner with friends tonight. Saw the Sharks game against the Stars every now and then, was so glad when the Sharks won!
Saturday is stitching with my small quilt group. I plan on working on the Patchwork Party blocks so decided to start cutting tonight, taking a break from quilting. Got one of the 12 cut out, and would like to get at least two more cut and ready to sew. We'll see.
I also printed out the rest of Sylvia's Bridal Sampler and got that into a binder. Found some more sheet protectors so now all of my blocks are safely stowed away.

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